Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The River of Interesting News

Megite launches The River of Interesting News that is a constant flow of what is new and interesting.

By mining the "wisdom of crowds" on the web, Megite discovers the uptodate interesting news and presents them to our users with the tagcloud way. The more the users talk about it, the big the font is.

Megite has a crawler to crawl and monitor lots of important web pages that may express the interesting of users to some uptodate news. Then it aggregrates those uptodate interesting news in every minute and presents the most important ones to our main page.

The news history is kept for 24 hours and the keywords for each news are extracted and attached on each news. The keywords for all the news in an hour are used to create another tagcloud.

The River of News idea is first proposed by Dave Winer in "What is a 'River of News' style aggregator?", then he has more elaboration in "What's new for your Blackberry". There are more blogs talking about The River of News, for example, Jeff Jarvis in The river of news.


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