What's Happening Right Now at Megite

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Better Title and Summary Generation

We got quite a few comments to say that our title and summary needs to improve. We put lots of effort on this and now when you check our Megite News Site, you should find that the title and summary are much much better. Please keep sending your valuable comments and suggestions to us.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Improve the clustering algorithm

Megite improved the clustering algorithm, but still lots of work to be done. Thanks for all your reports.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Link analysis is not enough

More intelligence are introduced into our algorithm, now even without the linkage information, a blog post or news can be discovered by our intelligent algorithm and ranked into top sections based on our novel importance metrix. This is very good to look for the novel information that hasn't discovered by many bloggers yet. Check out the lastest version at Megite Tech News.

Monday, February 20, 2006

New ranking function is introduced in personal megite

We introduced and implemented the new ranking function in the personal megite. A novel algorithm is used to measure the importance of the news, the blogs and the blog posts. Our initial tests show the big improvement on the quality. Of course, we need feedback from our current users who have personal megites.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Megite is alive

Megite is the newspaper for anyone interested in what's happening right now by intelligently uncovering the most relevant items from auto discovered news sites and weblogs.

We like to reading tech, business and entertainment news and blogs. Everyday we have to go to tens of web sites to read my news, sometimes the same news appear on different web sites, sometimes a good news hides somewhere we didn't pay attention to. It was a frustrate experience until we create Megite. Since then, every morning, Megite is our first web site to visit to understand what is going on right now and what's important in the world. Also we told several friends to look at it, they all like them too. After lots of algorithm, interface improvement we decided to release it just at the beginning of this month (Feb). It immediately got quite some good feedbacks and some suggestions to improve the UI. Another goal is that we want the system to find more blogs and news sites to recommend us to read, not just the list we give to it. We reached this goal pretty smartly.

Megite works as the following:


a bunch of keywords, or a list of news or blog sites for a category


step 1) The sytem uses those keywords or the list to find more blogs or news site from the web. We called it data mining or auto discovery.

step 2) Some magic algorithm and ranking are used to discover the relevent and important blog posts or news.

step 3) learn from the discovered news and posts and infer more blogs and news site, then back to step 2) or output the intermedia results and push them to Megite web site.

The whole process continues without human intervention.